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"I  know this is an old thread but I've seen one of the few videos on an hhhn cell and I want to know if you wire up the motorcycle battery the same way as a regular hho cell. Is there a…"
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"Censorship seems to be alive and well as these links are gone."
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"Actually, Hydrogen garage posted a monograph I wrote at; https://hydrogengarage.com/pdf/HHO%20dyno%20testing%20and%20math.pdf That is an earlier version.  A more current and comprehensive…"
Aug 2
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"Popular Mechanics is owned by Hearst Corp, or it was, all cabal owned. Same as CNN, MSN, CBS, ABC, all owned by club members to brain wash the people and spread lies to you the victim. Best to turn…"
Jul 30
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"Hi Gabe. I see this is purely chemical. Biggest problem as I see it is not how you start the Al+NaOH reaction, but how you stop it once begun. That and disposing of the sodium aluminate waste…"
Jul 25
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Harlo Mayne and Maynex

A few years ago I caught wind of a guy name Harlo Mayne who had a new technology out of Jamaica then nothing he just fell off the radar. Then there was a documentary about the inventor which is a…See More
Jul 25
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