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Jun 10, 2018

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Intermediate Builder
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Owner of Micro Trend Robotics
Design industrial controls, PCB's
CNC machines
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Looking to produce fuel from Solar Heliostats

Separator cell with Hydrogen to burn, Oxygen to breath.

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At 8:50pm on January 8, 2016, charles ware said…

I have seen cheap torque wrench modules and I am thinking of taking the load cell out and adding a small instrumentation amp/wireless data/power circuit so it can be mounted on a spinning shaft. A real time data feed would probably have to be heavily filtered but it would be a good complement to the real time imep data. I have 100 amp 1 wire alternator turned by a belt to the engine.  The alternator provides a uniform load over a range of speed.  The load on the alternator would be controlled by the PIC.  This along with input from the trigger disk sensor and duty cycle to the fuel injector valve allows negative feedback control of both the speed and load on the engine. Thinking of developing a cheap software electronics package for DIY engine test lab.  I am thinking main customers would be some DIY guys but also mechanical engineering and technology departments at smaller schools.

At 8:01pm on January 7, 2016, charles ware said…

I am not planning on measuring external engine torque initially.  I will calculate indicated mean effective pressure (imep) in real-time to get the engine load variable. This is done by integrating the area within the curve of the indicator diagram.  The indicator diagram requires a fairly accurate track of the crank position. Especially on a small engine, there will be enough fluctuation of rotation speed to require accurate tracking. An optical encoder would be one approach.  The trigger disk and prox sensor is how it is typically done on most engines, though.  It is cheaper, very rugged and reliable. There are a lot of thermodynamic calculations that can be done on indicator diagram data.  The indicator diagram gives a good view of what is happening in the cylinder.  I also plan to install a thermocouple in the exhaust and several RTD sensors on the engine block and cylinder head.  I would like to try and do energy budget studies on HHO injection.

At 6:24pm on January 6, 2016, charles ware said…

The experimental setup will be controlled by a PIC with USB laptop interface for data transfer.  Spark angle and mixture ratio can be set by computer.  I also have an Optrand fiber optic pressure sensor installed in the cylinder head and a 60 tooth trigger disk with variable reluctance sensor to track crank angle in order to do indicator diagrams. Carburetor will be replaced by electronically controlled fuel injector valve. Leaner mixtures seem to be better for HOD injection. Various fuels can be used tested.

At 11:21pm on July 29, 2011, Russ Gries said…
Hey, thanks for the offer, what type of help can you offer? Also please see for any info about what I'm working on. 

Also please Join and read up on the Forms.

Thanks for the help! Right now, the most help would be spreading the word and letting people what I'm working on and see if they may be able to help! 

~Russ Gries
At 11:20pm on April 5, 2011, David Bixler said…

I agree, thats why we have this nice site!

That nice man, i dont have that kind of knowlege!

At 9:34pm on March 23, 2011, James Nolan said…
hi Peter here is my E-mail
At 10:35am on March 23, 2011, James Nolan said…
Hi Peter will be in Colburg on the weekend at my daughters i think Pickering is close by if you would like to get together let me know i will bring along my two cells that i am working on ok later
Jim Nolan
At 11:55am on March 10, 2011, Gene Richardson said…

Hi Peter,

Yes I am using ripstop nylon. I found some Joann Fabrics, but they did not know whether it was coated or not. It turned out to be coated, so I was not able to use it. I got some on line at Quest Outfitters in Sarasota FL.

I am about half through building a 4" square cell an I will post my results when I get to the testing part.

I would be glad to share my construction results. The main ideas were on Utube.

I still have several questions about using hydrogen only. How much gas is needed? Is it 1/2 the engine size such as with HHO or is it 1/3.

I read that you don't have to fool the computer like you do with HHO. Is this true?

And some other minor questions. I guess I will have to find out with testing.

I hope to find some others that are building separator cells to compare results.


I went through the building of HHO cells of several types and found that the "dry" cell type was the best. Now i can hardly wait to start testing the separator design.


I have several drawings of my new design and would be willing to share them with anyone that wants them. I will get them in a form that I can email soon.



At 6:29pm on December 19, 2010, don said…

sorry i've been out of town tubes are the way to go but it will take good talking . do you have skype?


At 10:55am on May 20, 2010, B1235 said…
hello Peter, it is even closer, I am in Newmarket, we design and build automation equipment, and a few automated sheet metal feeders.

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