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separated cell

hi an thank in advance is there anybody  that  has built a working  hydrogen separated cell . i have been using 400 mesh silk screen  no luck . i will try nylon ripstop next.  also what the best way to seal edges of holes in cell lbuilding 7 plate 6x6  5 neutrals      thanks

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separated cell

is there any one that has plans for a good separated cell  thank you

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6/10th of an Amp improves mileage almost 40%

We've been working away here at Fuel Genie Systems. Many breakthroughs are now in production and two significant findings are coming out soon (hint: 1 lpm of hydrogen gasses produced with no load on the alternator or battery). This video was made three weeks ago. Since then, we have found a way to ionize the filter and now the Mariner gets an average of 35 mpg on the highway with just .6 amps of current draw.…


Added by Barry Holzsweig on November 5, 2018 at 11:49am — 5 Comments

EFI and pwm Arduino APP

Using the cell phone app to adjust the AMPS and the FUEL delivered to the engine.


Added by Alberto Aschidamini on October 22, 2018 at 9:23am — 4 Comments

How CNC Manufacturing Is So Precise With Difficult Designs


CNC machines are some of the most powerful and versatile tools that you can use in a manufacturing environment. Here is how one works and some additional benefits they can provide.



A CNC, (or Computer Numerical Control), machine reads specific computer code that instructs it on how to perform. The programmer generally uses CAM software to deliver specific tool paths that the machine will follow.…


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still more indicator

More work on indicator diagrams:

The first plot below is called an indicator diagram, a plot of pressure vs. volume in the cylinder of a small, 4-stroke gas engine.   It's not much different from an earlier one  except that the plot covers about 2 and 1/2 cycles so the intake / exhaust stroke is visible as well as the compression / power stroke. There is some noise on the pressure signal so it as been oversampled - 9 samples for every data point. Note that the maximum volume…


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Electronics assembly

I feel that electronics will be important to future development of HHO technology. Here are some photos showing what its like to work with one very small aspect of electronic systems,  surface mount capacitors.

In order to build prototypes of electronic systems,  the capacity to use surface mount components is helpful.  Some components are available only in…


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more work on test bed

Photos of the latest work on our engine test bed. They are:

Upper left hand.

The test bed will have a software-based controller so we are presently writing the code.  The components of a bench top test are labeled.

   A.  Controller.  It is a 44-pin demo board with a Microchip  PIC18F45K20.  It is affixed to perf board that has solder pads underneath with 0.100…


Added by charles ware on August 5, 2016 at 5:25pm — 4 Comments

Warning of Blog "Now you can buy Catalytic Carbon" on HODINFO

Hello All

Please take great care when working with aluminum Hydroxide  product of this reaction

aluminum Hydroxide   is highly toxic abd associated  with many diseases of the brain , central nervous system, kidneys, muscle  and joint problems….. BEWARE


Dr Gavan Knox , PhD, BSc, Bed, BEng

Managing Diector “Hydrogen fuel systems” pty ltd

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About Tesla Model 3

Finally, the headlights of the Tesla Model 3 can be seen toward the end of the passage. The California automaker's shareholder letter emphasized a point CEO Elon Musk made a few weeks back in Paris, when he said that the $35,000 electric car would start to send in late 2017 (and you will need to earn a lot of money on some binary options if you want this car). That is awesome,…


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Indicator diagram

After some tinkering around to get things working right...  we have a preliminary indicator diagram.  Various assumptions were made that might have to be refined.   The exact point on the trigger disk that corresponds to top dead center has to be determined. A mark made with a Sharpie marker on the engine block where the shaft key lines up was made when the cylinder head was removed, but that is not quite good enough.  Will have to use one of those TDC indicators screwed into the…


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checked the sensor inputs

Ran the engine on the test bed to check the inputs.

The scope can store the data as a csv file which can be imported into a spreadsheet and plotted.  Here is the pressure within the cylinder:

Looks about…


Added by charles ware on March 12, 2016 at 2:30pm — 2 Comments

photo of test , still under construction

Working on a small engine test bed shown in the photo.  Top left shows a small gas engine bolted to a wooden plank.  An ordinary automotive alternator is used to apply load.  There is a fiber optic pressure sensor installed in the cylinder head. (The fiber optic cable comes out of holes drilled through the cooling fins. Shown on the bottom left.)  It will go up…


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breakthrough energy movement

The breakthrough energy movement  globalbem.com  is an initiative to create more favorable support for non-conventional overunity energy sources and other initiatives.   However,  I own the domain gloabalbem.org; Right now it contains a placeholder.  It seems like HHO could be a global breakthrough energy technology and a bem site that is sympathetic to HHO research would not hurt. …


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Current activity.

Working on a test bed to run a small gas engine (0.22 L, 4 stroke) under controlled speed and load.  I am looking to see if I can get a spike response with a spark ignition system.  HHO spike response is described in this monograph  One thing I would like to do is try it with ethanol. 

Ethanol can be cut with water and still burn OK.  Up to perhaps 40% water. Finding spike at 20% or 30% water may  allow…


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Wie es funktioniert H2. Unter Verwendung von Wasserstoff in dem Erwärmungs

Thema ist ein wenig schwieriger,englisch referate schreiben in klasse, aber wir haben versucht, das Material so weit wie möglich in einfacher Sprache zu präsentieren. Im Mittelalter wurde der berühmte Wissenschaftler Paracelsus während der Versuche ein Verfahren, wie die Zuteilung von Luftblasen in der Wechselwirkung von Eisen und Schwefelsäure zu sehen. Es war jedoch nicht Luft und…


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Will the most well-known molecule in the universe make for contamination free autos?

People have saddled hydrogen for an assortment of utilizations, from impacting rockets into space to making basic family items like toothpaste. Presently, following quite a while of improvement, hydrogen is going to discover its way into the family auto.

In June, Hyundai Motor Co. started renting its Tucson Fuel Cell and has swore to deliver 1,000 units comprehensively by 2015. Toyota Motor Corp. also,…


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Proof of Water as Source of Energy

Dear HHO-friends,

I am Caspar Pompe, the chairman of the Watergas.NU Foundation. We aim to accelerate the development of water-energy and HHO in particular. We see in Europe that HHO development is still rather slow. People often just don't believe in the benefits of HHO. And we have problems explaining how HHO works, since many HHO-phenomena can only be explained with quantum physics or even exotic physics of scientific HHO-researchers like Fons Wils in Belgium. 

Recently one…


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Did it Really Work?

For the first time since 2009, Samuel Burlum will publicy discuss the controversial matter of whether or not the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) kit really worked, featured in Dateline’s story, “Car device seller’s scheme unravels.”SamBurlum.com Exclusive Report investigates into the matter, reverse engineering the Dateline segment.…


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Young Engineers of Sinhgad Institutes on the way to replace conventional fuel !

From right Mr. Bhuvan Aneja, Mr. Arun Chavan, Mr. Akshay Moholkar, Prof. P.D. Kulkarni, Dr. Vikas V. Shinde, Dr. M.S. Rohokale, Dr. M. S. Gaikwad.

With a rise in the number of people and cars in the world, pollution is a major problem globally. Emissions of greenhouse gases are on the rise despite best efforts at control, and as such the global warming phenomenon is taking place at a rapid rate. A major…


Added by Akshay Dipak Moholkar on August 26, 2015 at 12:28am — No Comments

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