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still more indicator

More work on indicator diagrams:

The first plot below is called an indicator diagram, a plot of pressure vs. volume in the cylinder of a small, 4-stroke gas engine.   It's not much different from an earlier one  except that the plot covers about 2 and 1/2 cycles so the intake / exhaust stroke is visible as well as the compression / power stroke. There is some noise on the pressure signal so it as been oversampled - 9 samples for every data point. Note that the maximum volume…


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Electronics assembly

I feel that electronics will be important to future development of HHO technology. Here are some photos showing what its like to work with one very small aspect of electronic systems,  surface mount capacitors.

In order to build prototypes of electronic systems,  the capacity to use surface mount components is helpful.  Some components are available only in…


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more work on test bed

Photos of the latest work on our engine test bed. They are:

Upper left hand.

The test bed will have a software-based controller so we are presently writing the code.  The components of a bench top test are labeled.

   A.  Controller.  It is a 44-pin demo board with a Microchip  PIC18F45K20.  It is affixed to perf board that has solder pads underneath with 0.100…


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Indicator diagram

After some tinkering around to get things working right...  we have a preliminary indicator diagram.  Various assumptions were made that might have to be refined.   The exact point on the trigger disk that corresponds to top dead center has to be determined. A mark made with a Sharpie marker on the engine block where the shaft key lines up was made when the cylinder head was removed, but that is not quite good enough.  Will have to use one of those TDC indicators screwed into the…


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checked the sensor inputs

Ran the engine on the test bed to check the inputs.

The scope can store the data as a csv file which can be imported into a spreadsheet and plotted.  Here is the pressure within the cylinder:

Looks about…


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photo of test , still under construction

Working on a small engine test bed shown in the photo.  Top left shows a small gas engine bolted to a wooden plank.  An ordinary automotive alternator is used to apply load.  There is a fiber optic pressure sensor installed in the cylinder head. (The fiber optic cable comes out of holes drilled through the cooling fins. Shown on the bottom left.)  It will go up…


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breakthrough energy movement

The breakthrough energy movement  is an initiative to create more favorable support for non-conventional overunity energy sources and other initiatives.   However,  I own the domain; Right now it contains a placeholder.  It seems like HHO could be a global breakthrough energy technology and a bem site that is sympathetic to HHO research would not hurt. …


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Current activity.

Working on a test bed to run a small gas engine (0.22 L, 4 stroke) under controlled speed and load.  I am looking to see if I can get a spike response with a spark ignition system.  HHO spike response is described in this monograph  One thing I would like to do is try it with ethanol. 

Ethanol can be cut with water and still burn OK.  Up to perhaps 40% water. Finding spike at 20% or 30% water may  allow…


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similarity between HHO and LENR (Low energy nuclear reaction)

Thinking of writing another monograph on the similarities between HHO and LENR* such as:

  • Large energy yields, in one test at UNOH the yield was 19.8 MJ per gram of hydrogen injected. That is about 160 times greater than the the heat of combustion and that is not raw energy, it is mechanical output on the engine shaft. The raw yield would have been about 3 times…


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HHO flame spectroscopy

I am looking for a spectral signature of an HHO flame, that is, a plot of light intensity as a function of the wavelength of the light. The reason for getting it is described in more detail at

There is a Romanian scientist named Tudor Prisecaru who might have obtained such data but the one email contact I have returns undeliverable. Or if there is anyone who might be able…


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temperature of HHO flame

It is stated in various sources that the HHO flame temperature is130 degrees C in open air but a source is never cited. I wonder if this value was not obtained by using an infrared thermometer to measure the flame temperature.  An infrared thermometer operates on the assumption that the heat source is a black body,  that is, the spectral signature of the emission is described by Planck's law. However, this is not true of any flame. The emission signature…


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Does HHO work on Ford IDI Powerstroke diesel?

This video     on youtube states in the description:

[HHO] works great on every kind of car, truck, SUV, van, etc. The only one truck we have seen it not work on is the Ford Diesel PowerStroke model - why? Because that particular design uses a ""pre-combustion chamber"" to begin burning the fuel BEFORE it enters the main…


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really good third party HHO evaluation

An Australian company called Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems which makes HHO systems for vehicles had an Edmonton, Alberta environmental consultant do a "independent third party" evaluation of their technology. They produced a very nice report that can be found at:


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EPA study


According to this web page , "the EPA tested two dozen HHO units and they were all found to be ineffective". Googling a few variations of EPA HHO evaluation and searching the EPA website turned up nothing. Was these ever such an evaluation done?  I should think DOE would be more likely to sponsor such an evaluation rather than the EPA.


This article also says that if HHO were…


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  On this web page:   is an article entitled "Examining the Science of 'HHO' Systems"   Notice how he put HHO in quotes.  Here is a comment on this article that…


On this web page:   is an article entitled "Examining the Science of 'HHO' Systems"   Notice how he put HHO in quotes.  Here is a comment on this article that I did:


I asked aardvark if they would care to comment on my comments. I sent that request on 1/21/12.  I have yet to hear…


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