After some tinkering around to get things working right...  we have a preliminary indicator diagram.  Various assumptions were made that might have to be refined.   The exact point on the trigger disk that corresponds to top dead center has to be determined. A mark made with a Sharpie marker on the engine block where the shaft key lines up was made when the cylinder head was removed, but that is not quite good enough.  Will have to use one of those TDC indicators screwed into the spark plug hole.  This diagram was made assuming TDC on the top of tooth 21 past the gap.

It has the characteristic banana shape of an indicator diagram.  Volume at TDC is taken as 0. Connecting rod length was taken as 3.808 in.  The pressure value calculation is way off. Have corrected it since, scope data was given in A-to-D counts which had to be converted voltage which then had to be converted to pressure. A bit of math there.

Discovered that if you need spare parts for a Predator 212 cc,  although Harbor Freight sells them, they do NOT support them at all.  For parts, try  ombwarehouse  or affordable go karts 

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