Dear HHO-friends,

I am Caspar Pompe, the chairman of the Watergas.NU Foundation. We aim to accelerate the development of water-energy and HHO in particular. We see in Europe that HHO development is still rather slow. People often just don't believe in the benefits of HHO. And we have problems explaining how HHO works, since many HHO-phenomena can only be explained with quantum physics or even exotic physics of scientific HHO-researchers like Fons Wils in Belgium. 

Recently one HHO-company (that wishes to remain under the radar) in the Netherlands is able to produce HHO so efficiently, that it can feed a natural gas house heating system (with 0 to 20% natural gas). The COP reached amounts to about 40. The firm applies 'resonance technology' to this end. Still hard to explain that in this case water is a source of energy. 

Another type of resonant technology is splitting water at high temperatures (thermolysis or plasmolysis). I have put the math on an info sheet. You can find it at That water is a source of energy we know already. The new thing is that I have proven it for the case of plamolysis with high school physics. Now the paradigm shift can take place. Hopefully it may help to get more scientific research on HHO, water as energy etcetera. 

'met vriendelijke groet, Caspar Pompe

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