Engine carbon cleaning, catalytic converter cleaning by simple procedure and affordable kit.

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Comment by moldoveanu.marius on January 31, 2018 at 11:41pm
  • Currently in Demo stage the NOXRED pre-combustion treatment technology.  We are looking for automotive workshops,  engineers,  mechanics able and willing to get involved in validation tests.  The kit will be offered at distributor cost plus a pack of complicated capsules of additive - good for more than 50 vehicles cleaning. 
  • The procedure is described in attached video. 
  • The principle is simple : adding the additive to combustion the combustion chamber's carbon deposits are removed by higher combustion temperature and supplemented steam formed and on exhaust the additive will promote combustion of accumulated carbon,  hydrocarbon etc.  from DPF and catalytic converter.
  • Emission tests and more complex measurments in university laboratory shows dramatically reduction of all harmful emissions,  for both diesel and gasoline engines up to 3000 cc.  


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